SpoorTrack: Animal Trackers

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Intelligent battery management



SpoorTrack Iridium Satellite Collars

Tracking Collars

The SpoorTrack Iridium Satellite Collars are Iridium satellite tracking collars weighing as little as 250g, suitable for any animal with a neck circumference from 30cm to 1.5m. They are equipped with an internal battery and a high-efficiency solar charger, ensuring the battery never runs out. Suitable for cheetah, lion, leopard, wild dog and most antelope species. They include an always-on activity sensor and VHF transmitter that is fully configurable over-the-air.

SpoorTrack Iridium Satellite Bird Tracker

Bird Trackers

The Solar-Flight Satellite Bird Tracker is a sub 55g solar powered Iridium satellite tracker that is mounted on the bird’s back or pelvis. We offer a range of mounting options for various species, including Albatross, Crane, Eagle,  Shoebill, Ostrich and Vulture.

SpoorTrack Iridium Tags for Crocodilians

Crocodile & Alligator Trackers

The Iridium Satellite Crocodile Tracker is a small, solar-powered tracking device that attaches to crocodiles, alligators and other similar-sized reptiles. It includes a water depth sensor and reports depth and time underwater statistics, along with GPS track when above the water. Includes an optional VHF transmitter.


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